• FEMA recommends a minimum of 7/16 (1/2") plywood for window protection.
  • The PVC construction of Panel Channels® eliminates corrosion and rust.
  • OSB panels are not as penetration resistant as plywood.
  • Galvanized fasteners are recommended to minimize corrosion.
  • Panel Channels® can be installed end-to-end for long window or door expanses.

How to Protect - "Do It Yourself" Steps

1. Purchase a Panel Channels® Kit matched to your window or patio door opening. (Side slide or Front push in for Windows.  "Kick-Up"™ for a Patio Door.  Multi Level "Condo" Kit, Install Last Panel from Inside Condo).

2.  Purchase 1/2" or 5/8" CDX plywood.  The store will cut the sheet to the sizes recommended in the installation instructions.  (3/4" plywood accepted)

3.  Purchase the type and size of fasteners specified in the instructions specific to the type of building structure. (Other fasteners included) 

4.  Install the Panel Channels® fabrications according to the detailed and illustrated installation instructions provided and apply a waterproofing finish to the panel.  (Panels are reusable if stored with care)

5.  Install the storm panel(s).  Secure the panel(s) to the Panel Channels® Kit as directed.

See Before and After window panel installation below
See “Why Install Now” for reasons to act before the Hurricane Arrives.


Wide windows
More than one set of Panel Channels® can be attached side-by-side to form a contiguous arrangement of storm panels for large window expanses.

Bay windows
Panel Channels® can be cut to length to protect small side windows.

Store Fronts
Several Panel Channels® can be aligned to cover a long window expanse.

Your Panels Channels® Come with a Money Back, 30 day, No Questions Asked Guarantee
and a Lifetime Replacement Warranty against breakage or failure of any kind!

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